another reason not to fear the sky
I'm Haley, I'm nineteen and a college sophomore. I like 5sos, dylan o'brien, one direction, the wonder years, all time low, teen wolf, frozen, tony oller, being from the south and this is a front row seat to it all.
I couldn’t imagine life without these two.  (at azkaban (aka justice))

Look at that cute little tuft of hair just sticking up

S02E01 ‘The Fisher King (2)’

This scene was a thing of absolute beauty

Spencer always makes me smile

If this isn’t a reference to MGG, there is no point.

He looks so shy and cute I just want to hug him

This is priceless! “Whatever awesome say Shemar comes up that doesn’t sound like a white, nerdy writer wrote it”
I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid. I love Reid.anyone whose every watched criminal minds probably (via fcksmalum)